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Our estate planning professionals understand the importance of assuring your family financial security after your death and help you preserve and transfer your accumulated wealth. Whether your primary objectives are maximizing the estate you leave for future generations, passing the family business to your children, or satisfying charitable goals, you will need a well-conceived estate plan.

Each plan is unique. We work with a team of people - you, your lawyer, your insurance agent and your trust officer, to coordinate effective estate planning. This allows you the ability to transfer wealth to future generations without obstacles, protect your family assets from the government, creditors, divorcing spouses, and others, use wealth for philanthropic purposes and allocate resources for the care of dependents and the elderly.

Services We Provide:

  • Assessment of your current and projected personal and financial circumstances
  • Development of a customized plan to meet your tax and non-tax objectives
  • Application of the most effective techniques available for preserving and transferring wealth
  • Coordination with your advisors insuring all aspects of plan integrate smoothly
  • Conduct periodic update of your plan to keep pace with changes in your family's personal or financial circumstances, tax laws or market conditions
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